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  Schools in Maryhill and Springburn will benefit from a £3m funding boost as part of the Scottish Government’s drive to improve standards in schools, it has been revealed.   The share each school is due to receive from the Scottish Government’s new £120 million Pupil Equity Fund has been revealed by Deputy First Minister John Swinney. Following his announcement

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Ruth Davidson has been challenged to put her constituents first after the Edinburgh MSP’s embarrassing silence on jobcentre closures. In a letter to SNP MSP Ash Denham, Ruth Davidson this week said she was “sympathetic” to the DWP’s aim of reducing costs through closures, offering only a mealy-mouthed promise to “engage closely” with the DWP on the potential impact on

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SAVE MARYHILL JOB CENTRE SIGN THE PETITION!  CLICK HERE The Westminster government has announced morally outrageous plans to close half of all Job Centres in Glasgow. They are: Norman House, Parkhead; Muslin Street, Bridgeton; Easterhouse; Castlemilk Arcade; Battlefield Road, Langside; Herschell Street, Anniesland; Main Street, Cambuslang; and Maryhill Road, Maryhill. So let’s focus on one of those for the moment. Maryhill.

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You might have heard that some changes are happening regarding the Council Ward boundaries for the 2017 election but there are also proposals for changes to the Westminster boundaries. We thought we would put together a handy guide to what on earth is happening! So what’s happening? Well..it’s not what’s happening but what is being proposed.In 2011 a review of

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This short briefing is taken from a longer one available to members on my.snp.org in the political education officer section. There are three main elements to Conference: The plenary session in the main hall Where delegates debate and vote upon policy resolutions, and listen to keynote speeches from the Party Leader and others. There will also be an internal session,

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Our branch has been busy over the last few weeks and we won’t be slowing down anytime soon………. SNP WINS GARSCADDEN/SCOTSTOUNHILL BY-ELECTION!     THE SNP has won a by-election victory in one of Labour’s Glasgow heartlands. Chris Cunningham, defeated Labour’s Ian Cruikshank by around 100 votes in Garscadden/Scotstounhill. Speaking after the result was announced, Chris said “The progress of the SNP

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SEPTEMBER 2016 Garscadden/Scotstounhill By-Election. October 6th 2016 It’s shaping up to be a busy few months for the SNP as first on the horizon is a council by-election in Garscadden/Scotstounhill. The candidate selected to win the seat is Chris Cunningham. Chris has lived in the area for 24 years and has a great deal of experience and expertise through his work in

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Who are the candidates? The 4 candidates for Depute Leader are Cllr Chris McEleny, Tommy Sheppard MP, Alyn Smith MEP and Angus Robertson MP. Who gets to vote? All members who had joined by close of nominations on 20th May 2016 are eligible to vote. It is entirely one member, one vote. Unlike some other parties every eligible member of the

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The EU referendum-23rd June 2016

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It’s only a few short weeks till we go back to the polls again! This time to decide the future of the UK’s place within Europe. The SNP are laying out a positive case for voting to remain.Have a read below. http://www.snp.org/the_positive_case_for_europe_and_a_new_hope To read more about the European union and the benefits of staying in, then the SNP European Group

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Both Votes SNP?

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Why is it important to cast both our constituency and regional list votes for the SNP? Not a single vote has yet been cast for the Scottish Parliament election. Those who want an SNP Government cannot take anything for granted. The SNP, of course, aim to win every seat at every election, but we cannot assume we will win enough

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