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Who are the candidates?

The 4 candidates for Depute Leader are Cllr Chris McEleny, Tommy Sheppard MP, Alyn Smith MEP and Angus Robertson MP.

Who gets to vote?

All members who had joined by close of nominations on 20th May 2016 are eligible to vote. It is entirely one member, one vote. Unlike some other parties every eligible member of the SNP's vote counts equally.

So a recently joined member's vote counts as much as that of the longest-serving parliamentarians.

How does the vote work?

Like all SNP internal elections the voting system is the Single Transferable Vote system. This will be familiar to most members from Local Authority Elections and allows members to rank candidates in order of preference to ensure all views are represented in the final outcome.

When do we vote?

Ballots will be sent out on the 21st September 2016. All ballots must be returned by October 12th.

When we will know who has won?

The results will be announced at Annual Conference on October 13th at the SECC in Glasgow.

How can I keep informed about the candidates?

Just click any of the the names below to find out more about the candidates.

Cllr Chris McEleny

Tommy Sheppard MP

Alyn Smith MEP

Angus Robertson MP

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