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Cllr John Letford and  Cllr Franny Scally in the centre of Maryhill, welcomed the Glasgow SNP commitment to building a new school in central Maryhill. In 2009, two local schools were closed in the teeth of vocal opposition and demonstrations. The SNP opposed the closures. Cllrs' Scally and Letford have been campaigning for a new school ever since. Last year the compensatory bus passes were withdrawn. Following a grassroots campaign these were reinstated. Central Maryhill currently has NO primary school. It costs roughly £200,000 per year to bus pupils around the wider ward to school. By 2020 there will be an estimated 800 extra children living in the ward. Most of the catchment schools are either at capacity or on the way. There has been a mini baby-boom in north Glasgow. The city's population is growing again and space in central Maryhill for infrastructure is fast running out. The children in central Maryhill need a school. The SNP delivers.
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