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Our branch has been busy over the last few weeks and we won't be slowing down anytime soon..........


  chris   THE SNP has won a by-election victory in one of Labour's Glasgow heartlands. Chris Cunningham, defeated Labour's Ian Cruikshank by around 100 votes in Garscadden/Scotstounhill. Speaking after the result was announced, Chris said “The progress of the SNP in Glasgow continues. We have a positive vision for our city, one which will see muchchris-cunningham greater control of decisions being taken at community level. "First and foremost, we want to give Glasgow back to the people who live here, to make each and every person feel that they have a role to play in the future of our city." The outcome leaves Labour with 39 councillors, down from the 45 it won in 2012 and one away from losing its overall majority on the council. Maryhill and Springburn certainly played its part in this important victory. Well done to all who rolled their sleeves up and went along to help out. Lets keep the enthusiasm going all the way to May 4th 2017, when Glasgow City Council becomes an SNP council.    


  question-one-how-to-build-a-school-in-maryhill   Glasgow City Council's SNP Group is consulting on new primary school provision in the Maryhill area of the city. You can take part in the consultation by going to Councillor Letford said: "I am delighted that my Group has decided to launch a consultation on school provision in Maryhill and Kelvin. John Letford
"It has been seven years since Labour closed primary school provision in this area. "Our questionnaire is designed to complement the work of Education Services, and to ensure that everyone who wants to has the opportunity to feedback their views on the type and location of educational provision in Maryhill.I would encourage everyone to get involved and make your voice heard." Franny Scally   SNP Councillor Franny Scally said: "We will ensure that as many people in the ward as possible get the chance to respond and we will ensure Education Services hear the clear view of the people of Maryhill and Kelvin."     To keep up with all the news from Glasgow City Council SNP Group then click here


    We have already had a very successful stall outside Tesco,Maryhill and we are going to do a few more of them. We will be back to Tesco on the 22nd and 29th of October at 11am.Come and join us on the day. Keep checking our facebook page(here) to find out when we will be out and about in the future.  


We are kicking off our weekly evening workdays from 20th October. We're focusing on delivering the National Survey to local residents. If you want to come along and help, we have plenty of work to do! Even if you've not been out before, this is your opportunity to help spread the conversation about Independence and what people think about it. When: Thursdays at 6:45pm, meet outside McDonalds, Maryhill Road (inside for a coffee if it's cold!)

If you can't make any of these campaigning days but would like to get involved in the future, then get in touch with us.Just click here and we will get back to you.


You should have had a pack of surveys through the door by now. If you would like extra copies for your area, or want to give out to friends, work colleagues, etc, then email the branch organiser, Gavin, at

Make sure and keep checking our facebook page(here).


This year's conference was truly an amazing one. On Friday we saw Angus Robertson becoming the party's new Depute Leader. This was quickly followed by Nicola announcing that she would unveil draft legislation to prepare for a referendum within the next two years.

The SNP set out a vision for Scotland, as a welcoming, progressive, open, outward-looking and inclusive nation.Click here to see Nicola's closing speech.

Maryhill and Springburn saw two of its members elected to National positions. First of all, we saw Angus Macleod winning the election to become National Secretary.

We are also delighted to see that Caroline Welsh has been appointed to the National Appeals Committee for the second year in a row.

Our branch was well represented by our delegates over the four days who turned up and listened and voted.



Brexit is one of the biggest political events of recent decades and it's looking like the Conservatives are using it to shape the UK with their own vision. As things are moving fast then it's important to know what's happening. Alyn Smith MEP has put together a fantastic weekly newsletter which will keep you up to date with all the news.Just click here and keep checking every Friday.




The wards in Glasgow for the council elections 2017 are changing.

This is due to the published recommendations for changes to councillor numbers and ward boundaries being accepted by ministers.

Glasgow will see an increase in councillor numbers, going from 79 councillors to 85, representing 7 3-member wards and 16 4-member wards.

Prior to this Maryhill and Springburn branch had 3 wards within its boundary.

These were Canal,Maryhill/Kelvin and Springburn.

This has now increased to 5 wards' which are:

(To see the new maps just click on the names below.)





Partick East / Kelvindale

To see other wards within the Glasgow area then click the link below.


AND FINALLY..........



This year sees the first year of the SNP North Glasgow St.Andrews quiz.

Teams from Maryhill & Springburn,Anniesland,Kelvin and Provan will be going head to head to find out who is the brainiest branch.

Come along to Maryhill juniors on the 1st of December at 7pm.

We are asking you lovely people to donate items for the raffle. Please get in touch by clicking here and we will get back to you.



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