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Hello, I am very delighted to inform you about our Branch women meet up and campaign work day. This event is coming up on Saturday the 16th of April. The venue is at the Branch Campaign Rooms 1346 Maryhill Road G20 9DG. Time: 10:00am - 1:15am. We will be meeting from 10:00am -10:55am to get ourselves formally introduced and for a wee chat on activities/events we would like to organise as women for the year 2016. (There will be tea/coffee for this session) At 11:00am we will join the campaign team for a session which will involve canvas and street stalls. It is only a few weeks before the election and it will be very nice if we all come to help in creating that big buzz First Women's officer for Maryhill and Springburn SNP click here to get your tickets! Saturday the 16th of April.Campaign Rooms 1346 Maryhill Road G20 9DG (1)
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