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All sessions start from the campaign rooms on Maryhill Road. (You can also pop along for leaflets for your area if you want to deliver in your own time).

Monday 28 March

2pm – Led by Andrew Baddon

Tuesday 29 March

11am – Led by Jacqueline McLaren

2am – Led by Bob Doris

6.30pm – Led by Pete Feeney

Wednesday 30 March

2pm – Led by Cllr Franny Scally

6.30pm – Led by Cllr John Letford

Thursday 31 March

2pm – Led by Bob Doris

6.30pm – Led by Gavin Brownlie

Friday 1 April

11am – Led by Gillian Gallardo

2pm – Led by Bob Doris

Saturday 2 April

11am – Meet for large team photo at rooms. Street stall and canvas session to follow

1.30pm – Led by Bob Doris

3.30pm – Led by Bob Doris

Sunday 3 April

1pm – Led by Bob Doris

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