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John Letford   It is welcome news that First has listened to my representations on behalf of constituents, as I too was very disappointed when they announced their plans for the 4A and the M4 replacement. I did not wish to make public comment until I had exhausted my negotiations on your behalf with First. For clarity, please note that I met with First on two occasions (the last being Monday 24th October), and asked them to consider either abandoning their plans for the 4A for six months or at the very least to look again at the proposed M4 route.
I specifically asked First if they could investigate the potential of extending the route of the M4 to Byres Rd, via Hyndland and on to Partick interchange (they were to report back to me at our next scheduled meeting, planned for Monday 7th November). I had previously raised this idea with the community council and had asked for suggestions. I know that Bob Doris MSP also raised these ideas with First. I am cautiously optimistic that First's acceptance of our proposals will meet both the needs of Kelvindale and prove to be viable in the longer term. I will now consult again locally and inform First at my third meeting with them on Monday 7th November, exactly how local bus passengers feel about these options. I would also pay tribute to those in Kelvindale who encouraged me to continue to press the case for route reversal of the M4. Finally, I would ask you to inform me of your preference: Option 1 - Anniesland – Kelvindale – Hyndland Road – Byres Road – Partick Interchange Option 2 - Anniesland – Kelvindale – Hyndland Road – University Avenue Option 3 (Status Quo) – M4 current route and timetable Cllr John Letford Fill in the form below and just write the number with your preference.

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