Refugee (Family Reunion) Bill

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This year at the SNP’s Annual National Conference in Glasgow, Maryhill and Springburn branch raised a motion for conference to discuss. We recognise the pain refugees feel as they are forced from their homelands, only to be separated from some of their closest members of their family.

The motion in full reads:- 

Refugee (Family Reunion) Bill

Conference welcomes the decision by the House of Commons to pass the first stage of the Refugee (Family Reunion) Bill, and notes that the Bill has support from across political parties, members of the public and the refugee and international development sectors.

Conference believes that if passed into law this Bill would be one of the most progressive and humane pieces of refugee legislation enacted in the UK, bringing together families torn asunder by forced displacement from their homelands and lives in countries such as Syria, Eritrea and Afghanistan.

Conference notes that genuine integration in a new society is significantly hindered when individuals are separated from their families and living in isolation, heartache and fear for their loved ones lives, and further believes this proposal stands in contrast to the current inhumane and ineffectual UK government policies in this area.

Conference reiterates that refugees and migrants are now and will always be welcome in Scotland, and notes the valuable contribution these communities make to our economy, society and culture. Conference calls on the UK Government to take steps to ensure that the Bill is allowed to continue to progress through the Westminster parliament and be enacted in UK law, and further calls for the full devolution of immigration and asylum competences to the Scottish Parliament. 

This motion was raised by branch member Abdul Bostani, who as well as a campaigner for the SNP is chairman of Scottish Unity League and president of Glasgow Afghan United. The motion was agreed unanimously by the Maryhill and Springburn branch, and we are pleased to see this important issue being discussed at conference. 

This will be discussed on Monday 8th October from around 10.45am

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