Investing in our city: Second SNP budget for Glasgow

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Our second SNP budget is a historic one. It continues to set our vision for the city, and despite Labour leaving a £25 million black hole to cover equal pay, we’re still protecting local services.

The SNP came to power to change the way Glasgow works. Our budget throws open the doors for greater community involvement. It allows us to invest in our services, not just make do and mend. And, it puts fairness at its heart, for Glasgow and its people.

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Community Hubs

£20 million for the first phase of our Community Hub programme, bring services together under one roof. Despite Labour scaremongering, we are investing in our local community services, not closing them.

Free School Meals

Enshrining our commitment to free school meals for all primary school pupils during our term in office.

Stronger Community Voice

Expanding participatory budgeting, allowing local communities more power on how, and where, money is spent.

We’ll provide more funding to Community Councils, the first time for almost 20 years, to help local communities have a stronger voice.

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Our Holiday Hunger programme will continue, giving children access to meals in school holidays. Children living in hunger in Glasgow is a disgrace - and we’ll continue to make this come to an end.

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Develop the amazing “Street Play” days to more communities across the city, allowing children and their families to come and play together.

Investing in our roads

£23 million for roads, pavements, lighting and bins. And, we’re determined to fix more potholes and keep them fixed, saving money in the long run.

We’ll roll out more LED street lighting across Glasgow.

Settling Equal Pay

Our settlement of equal pay also means an injection of millions into our local shops and businesses, giving Glasgow its single biggest financial stimulus ever!

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