The dangers of No Deal Brexit

The UK Government must immediately change course to mitigate against the worst impacts of Brexit, the SNP’s Michael Russell has said.

Mr Russell, the Scottish Constitutional Relations Secretary, comments come following confirmation that electricity trading arrangements with Europe will become less efficient, which could result in higher electricity prices if the UK leaves the EU without a withdrawal agreement or transition period.


The UK Government’s latest batch of ‘Technical Notices’, published today, outline preparations for a ‘no deal’ Brexit and show:

  • Consumers could potentially face higher electricity bills as a result of changes to trading arrangements caused by Brexit disruption
  • Increased difficulty in recruiting key skilled workers from outside the UK – including doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, vets, teachers and architects – if there is no effective replacement for current arrangements for reciprocal recognition of professional qualifications
  • Extra red tape and costs to export Scottish seafood, a sector which supports almost 15,000 high quality jobs; many of which are in remote and rural areas
  • Scottish fishermen will be unable to fish in EU and third country waters, or automatically land catches in EU ports
  • Potential restrictions on individuals and businesses operating in EU countries, such as restrictions buying real estate
  • Consumers will have less protection for purchases from overseas, such as package holidays from EU providers

“The reality of a disastrous ‘no deal’ Brexit looms large in this latest guidance from the UK Government.

“Potentially higher electricity prices, difficulties recruiting front line staff for the NHS and other key sectors and damaging disruption to exports will affect everyone in Scotland, but will hit our rural and coastal communities the hardest.

“Scotland did not vote for Brexit and so I call upon the UK Government to immediately change course to mitigate against the worst impacts.

“Staying in the EU would be best but, short of that, the only credible and workable option is to remain in the European Single Market and Customs Union, which is around eight times bigger than the UK market alone.”

Mike Russell MSP

Constitutional Relations Secretary

Refugee (Family Reunion) Bill

This year at the SNP’s Annual National Conference in Glasgow, Maryhill and Springburn branch raised a motion for conference to discuss. We recognise the pain refugees feel as they are forced from their homelands, only to be separated from some of their closest members of their family.

The motion in full reads:- 

Refugee (Family Reunion) Bill

Conference welcomes the decision by the House of Commons to pass the first stage of the Refugee (Family Reunion) Bill, and notes that the Bill has support from across political parties, members of the public and the refugee and international development sectors.

Conference believes that if passed into law this Bill would be one of the most progressive and humane pieces of refugee legislation enacted in the UK, bringing together families torn asunder by forced displacement from their homelands and lives in countries such as Syria, Eritrea and Afghanistan.

Conference notes that genuine integration in a new society is significantly hindered when individuals are separated from their families and living in isolation, heartache and fear for their loved ones lives, and further believes this proposal stands in contrast to the current inhumane and ineffectual UK government policies in this area.

Conference reiterates that refugees and migrants are now and will always be welcome in Scotland, and notes the valuable contribution these communities make to our economy, society and culture. Conference calls on the UK Government to take steps to ensure that the Bill is allowed to continue to progress through the Westminster parliament and be enacted in UK law, and further calls for the full devolution of immigration and asylum competences to the Scottish Parliament. 

This motion was raised by branch member Abdul Bostani, who as well as a campaigner for the SNP is chairman of Scottish Unity League and president of Glasgow Afghan United. The motion was agreed unanimously by the Maryhill and Springburn branch, and we are pleased to see this important issue being discussed at conference. 

This will be discussed on Monday 8th October from around 10.45am

Glasgow’s GROWING Places!

The SNP City Government have been continuing to show the real progress being made in the city as it unveiled the city’s economic trends over the past five years. It showed a halving of unemployment and an overall performance above the average for UK Core Cities.

The council’s Neighbourhoods, Housing and Public Realm Committee was informed about these trends in a report which had three themes: the general economy, the labour market and the business landscape.

The report shows that Glasgow has been improving on numerous economic indicators, but progress is still required to meet the ambitions outlined in the Glasgow Economic Strategy.

Key findings include:

  • Glasgow's GVA - a measure of the total output of goods and services in the city - increased by 4.4% between 2015 and 2016.
  • From 2011-2016 Glasgow had the largest percentage increase amongst the UK Core Cities across both productivity measures.
  • Glasgow has realised its ambition, set within the Economic Strategy, of increasing the business base in the city by 1,000.
  • Glasgow's 5.7% unemployment rate recorded in 2017 was the lowest recorded in the city since estimates were established in 2004.

"It is encouraging to see that Glasgow's economy is moving on an upward trend, with our performance now above the average of other UK Core Cities. We have achieved the lowest unemployment rate in the city since measures began, which is particularly pleasing. We want to ensure that all our citizens can secure sustainable, stable and reliable employment which pays at least the Living Wage.  

Whilst challenges such as increasing the city's productivity rate remain, most of these indicators show a healthy and growing economy.  One of the City Government's key policies and commitments is inclusive economic growth, which aims to boost growth, create jobs, tackle poverty and improve the city's health, with some key initiatives launched just this week to help us deliver that. We have also established the Glasgow Partnership for Economic Growth, another plank in assisting us to do all in our power to ensure that these positive trends continue."

SNP Councillor Greg Hepburn,

Chair of the Neighbourhoods, Housing and Public Realm Committee

More detailed data includes Glasgow’s GVA increase – this is particularly notable as it matched the short-term growth rate in London (+4.4%), and outperformed the national rates of Scotland (+3.2%) and the UK (+3.7%).

It is estimated that the number of jobs in Glasgow had increased from 401,000 in 2015 to 414,000 in 2016, a 3.2% increase which was the third-largest (behind Manchester and Liverpool) of the UK Core Cities and above the figures Scotland (0.8%) and the UK (1.8%).

Other indicators show that Glasgow’s unemployment rate of 5.7% was the second largest decrease among the UK Core Cities, behind Manchester, meaning Glasgow has the third lowest unemployment rate amongst the UK Core Cities.

Universal Credit: How the SNP is helping Glaswegians

Above: City Treasurer, and local member for Canal Ward, Cllr Allan Gow explains how the SNP City Goverment is preparing to help in Glasgow.

Universal Credit – the UK government’s flagship welfare policy – is a new payment to replace several existing benefits, including housing benefit and child tax credits, with one single monthly payment. It’s now being rolled out in Glasgow

City Treasurer Cllr Allan Gow said: "Every town and city across the UK has its own Universal Credit horror story - from massive spikes in demand for foodbanks, to landlords refusing to house claimants because of rent arrears.

The rollout in selected pilot areas is turning into an unmitigated disaster. The in-built minimum six-week delay in receiving the first payment is having catastrophic consequences, with families falling behind in rent payments and increasingly relying on emergency welfare support and foodbanks. If fully implemented, Universal Credit cuts will put 1 million more children into poverty by 2020.

Following the Tories at Westminister's brutal cut of Job Centres in our city, this disastrous roll out shows a UK government that just simply does not care.

At a national level the SNP Scottish government will use limited social security powers to protect people in Scotland, helping between 650,000 and 700,000 households. The changes will mean those on Universal Credit in Scotland can opt to be paid twice monthly and rent can be paid direct to landlords, making it easier for people to manage their money. However, the Scottish government does not have the power to fix the damage being inflicted by a six-week delay in receiving payments.

Here in Glasgow, we want to do everything we can to support people being forced onto this change:

  • £2 million project to help Glaswegians transitioning to Universal Credit
  • A new network of 19 Universal Credit Hubs, spread across the city
  • Free helpline and live webchat

You can find more details about what the SNP City Government is doing at:


Information sessions in Glasgow North

If you live in Glasgow North constituency (which includes Maryhill, Summerston, Ruchill and Cadder), Patrick Grady MP along with local MSPs and Councillors will be holding information sessions on Friday 5th October


If you need help with Universal Credit

Call the Glasgow helpline free on 0808 169 9901 or visit

Independence Day of Action: 29th September 2018

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Following on from the National Assemblies, on Saturday 29th September there will be a National Day of Action on Independence.  We are looking for as many activists as possible on this day to engage with voters on the doorstep.

We are aiming to contact 50,000 voters across the country as part of a mass canvass.  Let’s get out there and engage with voters talking with them and listening to them about the threats of Brexit and the opportunities of independence.

We’ll be canvasing and leafleting local people throughout the day.


Saturday 29th September

10:30am - Meet outside Springburn Shopping Centre

1:00pm - Meet outside Springburn Shopping Centre

Sign up for events

If you would like to hear of all our events, sign up to volunteer, and you'll always know what's happening.


Lambhill Stables Open Day

  I spent a lovely afternoon spent at the Lambhill Stables open day.    As part of Black History Month 2018 there will be a wonderful show of Art and Sculpture on at the Stables by various artists, Josephine MacLeod organiser and our very own local artists. Get along if you can folks it’s well worth a visit Jacqueline  

Alex Neil MSP: Our NHS

Alex Neil: OUR NHS

Former Health Minister Alex Neil Alex Neil, MSP and Former Minister for Health joined us to discuss the NHS and all the challenges it faces now and in the future. The eventing proved to be a fascinating discussion. In his talk, he explored various service management techniques currently employed overseas, and suggested methods of improvement of Scotland's NHS in the immediate, medium and long term. He also took questions from the audience.
Alex Neil Joe Farrell
Political Education Secretary Joe Farrell introduces Alex Neil to the audience

Scotland & Brexit: Mike Russell

Mike Russell at Maryhill Community Central Hall
Mike Russell at Maryhill Community Central Hall
Maryhill and Springburn SNP's discussion nights continued with Mike Russell, Minister for Brexit on February 26th at Community Central Hall, Maryhill. Thanks to everyone who came along to the discussion with Mike Russell, Minister for Brexit. Joe Farrell, the branch member for Political Education, chaired the proceedings, which encompassed both Mike's take on the BrExit proceedings and a question and answer session afterwards. The event was webcast and reported by The National newspaper. If you didn't make it then click the link below and see what you missed: Mike Russell webcast

YesDIY: Brexit Minister Mike Russell proves a huge hit at Q&A:

The National: The newspaper that supports an independent Scotland

First SNP Glasgow City Government Budget


On Thursday 22nd February, the annual Budget Report for Glasgow City Council was delivered by the City Treasurer, Councillor Allan Gow, from Canal Ward. This was the first by an administration that has a fresh approach and has fresh ideas. It will see an acceleration in the changes Glasgow voted for.

You can watch the budget speech by Councillor Allan Gow below, along with all the other responses.

Treasurer Allan Gow (Canal) Budget Speech


Chamber’s Responses:

Glasgow City Council's Webcast Library