Glasgow North East Events

Thursday 19 September – 9:15am

Carntyne: Meet outside the Post Office in Edinburgh Road

Led by Anne McLaughlin

Friday 20 September – 9:30am

Dennistoun: Meet outside the Bowling Club on corner of Golfhill Drive and Whitehill Street

Led by Anne McLaughlin

Sunday 22 September – 1pm

Robroyston: Meet outside Asda, Robroyston

Led by Cllr Christina Cannon

Monday 23 September – 3pm

Possil Meet at Possilpark Parish Church, Saracen St for a mass canvas with all our SNP Councillors

Led by Cllr Allan Gow & Cllr Jacki McLaren

Glasgow North Events

Thursday 19 September – 10am

Maryhill: Meet at corner of Queen Margaret Drive and Maryhill Road

Led by Patrick Grady MP

Thursday 19 September – 4pm

Summerston: Meet outside Asda Maryhill (in Summerston)

Led by Cllr John Letford

Saturday 21 September – 11am

Kelvin: Meet outside Kelvinbridge Underground Station for the official campaign launch!

Led by Patrick Grady

Sunday 22 September – 11:30am

Maryhill: Meet outside Tesco, Maryhill Road

Led by Bob Doris MSP

Glasgow’s for Europe

Glasgow is being dragged out of the European Union against our will.

Despite 7 out of 10 Glaswegians voting to Remain, our votes have been ignored.

All our efforts to be heard on Brexit have been met with a brick wall.

Enough is enough.

We need to send a clear message that we will not accept a Brexit process that silences our city, treats our Scottish Parliament and Government with contempt and fails to represent the interests of all the people who
live here.

The SNP is fighting to stop a Tory/Labour Brexit disaster – we will always stand up for Scotland, and our place in the European family of nations.

Let’s make it loud and clear on May 23, Glasgow for Europe! Vote SNP


SNP: Speaks up for Scotland in Europe

‘No one born this century voted for Brexit but it will impact most on young people who will lose the right to freely live, work and study in 27 European countries.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Every SNP vote will help Scotland stand against the Labour and Tory parties’ shambolic Brexit.

Alex Kerr


MEP candidate


The benefits for Glasgow

You can find out more about the benefits the EU brings to Glasgow in this report published by Alison Thewliss, MP for Glasgow Central:

Alison Thewliss


MP for Glasgow Central


SNP: Delivers for Glasgow

The SNP has thrown open the doors of the City Chambers. Your SNP group has committed more than £1 million to bring democracy closer to communities and settled the unfair Equal Pay shambles left behind by the previous Labour administration.

At Westminster, Glasgow’s SNP MPs stand up for Scotland’s interests every day. Standing firm against heartless Tory policies like the rape clause and bedroom tax and making it clear that Scotland will not accept a disastrous Brexit it did not vote for.

Your SNP representatives will always stand up for Glasgow and for Scotland.



SNP: Delivers for Scotland

‘The SNP has proved Scotland has what it takes to be independent. We’ve delivered
free tuition for our young people, extended free personal care to under-65s and
delivered more than 82,000 affordable homes. The SNP delivers for Scotland.’

Nicola Sturgeon MSP


First Minister of Scotland

Key EU Facts

  • £809 million of structural funds until 2020, half of which is threatened by Brexit
  • More than £500 million in research and education funding since 2014
  • Funding for a projects including the M8, M73 and M74 motorway improvements, district heating projects, employability services and much more.

Investing in our city: Second SNP budget for Glasgow

Our second SNP budget is a historic one. It continues to set our vision for the city, and despite Labour leaving a £25 million black hole to cover equal pay, we’re still protecting local services.

The SNP came to power to change the way Glasgow works. Our budget throws open the doors for greater community involvement. It allows us to invest in our services, not just make do and mend. And, it puts fairness at its heart, for Glasgow and its people.

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Community Hubs

£20 million for the first phase of our Community Hub programme, bring services together under one roof. Despite Labour scaremongering, we are investing in our local community services, not closing them.

Free School Meals

Enshrining our commitment to free school meals for all primary school pupils during our term in office.

Stronger Community Voice

Expanding participatory budgeting, allowing local communities more power on how, and where, money is spent.

We’ll provide more funding to Community Councils, the first time for almost 20 years, to help local communities have a stronger voice.

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Our Holiday Hunger programme will continue, giving children access to meals in school holidays. Children living in hunger in Glasgow is a disgrace - and we’ll continue to make this come to an end.

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Develop the amazing “Street Play” days to more communities across the city, allowing children and their families to come and play together.

Investing in our roads

£23 million for roads, pavements, lighting and bins. And, we’re determined to fix more potholes and keep them fixed, saving money in the long run.

We’ll roll out more LED street lighting across Glasgow.

Settling Equal Pay

Our settlement of equal pay also means an injection of millions into our local shops and businesses, giving Glasgow its single biggest financial stimulus ever!

Campaigning Sessions

We have a couple of campaign sessions coming up over the next week. Our main focus will be to distribute our newsletter about the second SNP budget passed at Glasgow City Council. This budget sees us deliver on our commitment to settling the equal pay dispute.

We’ll also be chapping on doors as part of our ongoing drive to get more voter data, and listening to find out how people are feeling. 

Saturday 2nd March

Meet: Outside McDonalds, Maryhill Road

When: Leaving at 11am (we’ll be out until about 1pm)

Thursday 7th March

Meet: Outside McDonalds, Maryhill Road

When: Leaving at 6pm

If you can make one of these sessions, please let us know. It just helps prepare the right number of resources to bring.

Can you help

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The dangers of No Deal Brexit

The UK Government must immediately change course to mitigate against the worst impacts of Brexit, the SNP’s Michael Russell has said.

Mr Russell, the Scottish Constitutional Relations Secretary, comments come following confirmation that electricity trading arrangements with Europe will become less efficient, which could result in higher electricity prices if the UK leaves the EU without a withdrawal agreement or transition period.


The UK Government’s latest batch of ‘Technical Notices’, published today, outline preparations for a ‘no deal’ Brexit and show:

  • Consumers could potentially face higher electricity bills as a result of changes to trading arrangements caused by Brexit disruption
  • Increased difficulty in recruiting key skilled workers from outside the UK – including doctors, dentists, nurses, midwives, pharmacists, vets, teachers and architects – if there is no effective replacement for current arrangements for reciprocal recognition of professional qualifications
  • Extra red tape and costs to export Scottish seafood, a sector which supports almost 15,000 high quality jobs; many of which are in remote and rural areas
  • Scottish fishermen will be unable to fish in EU and third country waters, or automatically land catches in EU ports
  • Potential restrictions on individuals and businesses operating in EU countries, such as restrictions buying real estate
  • Consumers will have less protection for purchases from overseas, such as package holidays from EU providers

“The reality of a disastrous ‘no deal’ Brexit looms large in this latest guidance from the UK Government.

“Potentially higher electricity prices, difficulties recruiting front line staff for the NHS and other key sectors and damaging disruption to exports will affect everyone in Scotland, but will hit our rural and coastal communities the hardest.

“Scotland did not vote for Brexit and so I call upon the UK Government to immediately change course to mitigate against the worst impacts.

“Staying in the EU would be best but, short of that, the only credible and workable option is to remain in the European Single Market and Customs Union, which is around eight times bigger than the UK market alone.”

Mike Russell MSP

Constitutional Relations Secretary

Refugee (Family Reunion) Bill

This year at the SNP’s Annual National Conference in Glasgow, Maryhill and Springburn branch raised a motion for conference to discuss. We recognise the pain refugees feel as they are forced from their homelands, only to be separated from some of their closest members of their family.

The motion in full reads:- 

Refugee (Family Reunion) Bill

Conference welcomes the decision by the House of Commons to pass the first stage of the Refugee (Family Reunion) Bill, and notes that the Bill has support from across political parties, members of the public and the refugee and international development sectors.

Conference believes that if passed into law this Bill would be one of the most progressive and humane pieces of refugee legislation enacted in the UK, bringing together families torn asunder by forced displacement from their homelands and lives in countries such as Syria, Eritrea and Afghanistan.

Conference notes that genuine integration in a new society is significantly hindered when individuals are separated from their families and living in isolation, heartache and fear for their loved ones lives, and further believes this proposal stands in contrast to the current inhumane and ineffectual UK government policies in this area.

Conference reiterates that refugees and migrants are now and will always be welcome in Scotland, and notes the valuable contribution these communities make to our economy, society and culture. Conference calls on the UK Government to take steps to ensure that the Bill is allowed to continue to progress through the Westminster parliament and be enacted in UK law, and further calls for the full devolution of immigration and asylum competences to the Scottish Parliament. 

This motion was raised by branch member Abdul Bostani, who as well as a campaigner for the SNP is chairman of Scottish Unity League and president of Glasgow Afghan United. The motion was agreed unanimously by the Maryhill and Springburn branch, and we are pleased to see this important issue being discussed at conference. 

This will be discussed on Monday 8th October from around 10.45am