“Why I joined the SNP” – by Pete Feeney

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pete feeney   Someone asked me a while back why I joined the SNP. The answer was simple... I joined the SNP as they/we are the only political party who will stand up and fight for the people of Scotland no matter their background. I am also a firm believer that Independence is not just to shake of the shackles of Westminster but will see the end of deprivation and destruction in our towns and cities. I believe that with our resources we can eradicate poverty and have a Social Security and Health Service that will be envied around the world. History shows that Scotland has and will be at the forefront of innovation and discovery. Bell, Fleming & Baird to name a few. So where did it start. We are by nature creatures of habit and I suppose it was just habitual for me and also coming from a working class background I was expected to vote, support and pay my dues to the Labour party without taking or being asked or invited to take part in the local labour branch. (I still don’t know where or when they meet). Some people will say that they didn’t leave labour but labour left them, well I don’t know if that’s 100% true in my case. I just woke up and caught the aroma of the coffee and now here I am a member of the only progressive party in Scotland and the only party who have the nation’s best interest at heart, not for self-gain but for the nations gain. From the day I joined I have been made welcome by all and have made some new friends and have been asked to take part in debates and campaigning and I (like all of us) can feel proud that I stood up for my country during the Independence Campaign and also took part in the campaign that won the seat for Anne McLaughlin at Westminster. At this time of writing I am out there campaigning for Bob Doris MSP and I firmly believe that we will have Bob as our local Holyrood MSP for Maryhill/Springburn. It doesn’t end there as I will continue to bang the SNP drum and after Holyrood 2016 it will be Glasgow Council Elections 2017 and once again the campaign to rid our city of Labour and their self-centred policies. I don’t believe that my allegiance will ever be questioned as my heart, mind and soul are committed till the day I leave this planet. Yours for Scotland, Pete Feeney
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