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Rooms will be open every day, for most of the day. You can turn up for leaflets for your area. Or, turn up to one of our campaign sessions that leave from our rooms at 1346 Maryhill Road Monday - Friday at:-

  • 11am
  • 2pm
  • 6.30pm (not Friday)


Street Stalls from 11am (as many as we can manage) to give out our wristbands, flags, posters, toys, pens, keyrings and foam fingers

Leafleting and Canvassing leaving from the rooms at 11am and 2pm



Canvassing and leafleting from 12noon

Bring your car for 3pm as we wrap off the weekend with ANOTHER car cavalcade through the constituency!


Help on Polling Day

We really need you! Whether you can go round the doors to get people out to the polling station or can stand outside a polling place, let us know! Fill out your details here



You can still help us on our appeal to buy stamps and postage to send out letters to voters - any money you give will be used for the campaign here in Maryhill and Springburn - go to


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