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Our History

Maryhill and Springburn SNP is a constituency branch of the SNP, which covers the Maryhill and Springburn Scottish Parliamentary constituency. The constituency was created in 2011 from a merger of parts of the Glasgow Maryhill, Glasgow Springburn and a small part of the Glasgow Anniesland constituencies. The parts of Glasgow Anniesland were Kelvindale and Kelvinside that had previously been in Glasgow Hillhead before 1997.

In 2016, Bob Doris made history by becoming the first ever SNP MSP for Maryhill and Springburn. Getting 55.5% of the vote on a 13.7% swing. One of the highest in Glasgow.

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In 2011 candidate Bob achieved 2nd place on a 41.8% of the vote on a 9.8% swing.

m and s 2011

In 2007, Bob and the SNP had achieved a vote of 32.1%.

m and s 2007

In 2003, Bill Wilson came 2nd on a vote of 19.9%. Bill Wilson achieved 30.98% of the vote behind Labour on 49.78% in 1999.

For Westminster the constituencies that fall within the branch boundaries are Glasgow North and Glasgow North East, both now held by the SNP following the 2015 General Election. Patrick Grady won Glasgow North on a 28.9% swing, gaining 53.1% of the vote.

glasgow north

In the eastern half of the branch Anne McLaughlin won Glasgow North East with a record-breaking 39.3% swing and 58.1% of the vote.

glasgow north east

Looking back at the historic constituencies, which make up most of the area covered by the present day branch, Maryhill was held by Labour MP William Hannan from 1945-74. In 1966 the SNP fielded Hugh MacDonald as a candidate who achieved 11% of the vote; A.C.W. Aitken achieving a similar result in 1970s. The mid-70s marked a high point for the SNP in this constituency and many others, with A. MacIntosh achieving 24% in February 1974 and 29% in the October general election. The 1979 election and the 1980s represented the lean years for the party with D. McGlashan, Iain Morrison, and G. Roberts all receiving between 7 and 11% of the vote. The final election of the Glasgow Maryhill constituency in 2001 saw Alex Dingwall come 2nd on 15.9% of the vote.

In the old Glasgow Springburn constituency Angus MacIntosh polled 9.2% for the SNP in 1964. William J Morton stood 3 times in the constituency achieving a highpoint in 1974 first with 22.8% in February then 28.3% in October. This fell back to 12.6% in 1979. J.F. McLaughlin polled 8.1% in 1983; a young Brendan O’Hara came second on 10.2% in 1987. Things began to recover for the SNP in the early 90s with Stuart Miller gaining 19.5% of the vote in 1992, John R. Brady 16.5% Sandy Bain 19.4 in 2001 before the seat was abolished.

The growth of the SNP since 2007 continues across the constituency with a strong independence referendum result for Yes closely followed by the record-breaking achievements in the 2015 General Election.

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The new SNP Government years


The 2011 Scottish Parliament election saw the creation of Maryhill and Springburn, as we said a fond farewell to Glasgow Maryhill and Glasgow Springburn.

The SNP returned as a majority government. In Maryhill and Springburn, candidate Bob Doris squeezes Labour’s lead to come a close second



After the referendum


UK General Election